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Learn what is black friday, and why is the Black Friday

Black Friday 2016 is approaching. The great feast of imported US sales will be held in USA on 25 November. ¿Party rebates? EE.UU.?¿Black imported from Friday ?, are some of the questions that arise immediately after read the first two sentences of this article.

Black Friday is celebrated on the day following Thanksgiving Friday, the last Thursday of November, and is known on American soil as the day gives the starting gun for Christmas shopping. In many US states on Black Friday is a holiday, like the Thanksgiving, leading to a bridge four days and increasing potential customers.Since 2005 , Black Friday is the day of this year 's biggest purchases , which generates the greatest turnover.

The name Black Friday is originally from Philadelphia and born to describe the state of collapse suffered by road the day after Thanksgiving. This term began to be used before 1961 in Philadelphia, but it was not until 1975 when it begins to be used outside the state. Later an alternative to why the name explanation emerges: the shops operated in numbers of red from January to November, and Black Friday marked the point from which began to take profits and bills passed from the red numbers to black. Today, the giant American stores like Walmart start the year with a profit, since 1 January, but the Black Friday drives their benefits dramatically. It is estimated that last year's net profit this day boosted Walmart benefits from the $ 14 billion to $ 19 billion.
For many years the stores opened their doors at 6 am on Black Friday, but in the late 2000 began to advance the time at 5 or 4 in the morning. In 2011, the major business curl curled and opened at midnight, at the very beginning Friday. It seems impossible to open earlier, but we are talking about the United States and, in 2012, Walmart decided to open its doors at 20:00 pm on Thanksgiving, yes, only in states where it is legal to open this day.
Black Friday 2016 croud
Although currently holds the title of most prolific day of the year shopping in USA it has not always been so. From 1993 to 2001, the Black Friday held a position that was between the 5th and 10th place on this list, the Saturday before Christmas Day mono policing the top position year after year. It is from 2003, except for 2004 when it occupied the 2nd position when the Black Friday starts to lead this ranking year after year, settling in the first place not to move.
There are many reasons that make the Black Friday every year more triumph in the land of freedom. It is a country where workers are entitled to a few days of vacation, about 14 per year, and many companies Friday Black Friday is granted as part of the holiday of Thanksgiving, so workers can enjoy a bridge 4 days that allows consumers to devote all day to buy. To this must be added that are the last vacation before Christmas, perfect to start shopping for Santa Claus moment.Once the framework developed by the Black Friday, holidays and store hours, focus on super discounts and deals all small American stores, big or made available to customers. It is the day that the price war and promotions reaches its peak. For example, in 2010, Toys r us Plastidecor gave away boxes and coloring books to all its customers, and offers up to 70% discount prices.
For 24 hours, and as we have seen, in some cases considerably more, American businesses throw themselves into a sort of maelstrom of deals, discounts and promotions. The queues to be first and benefit from the best opportunities are kilometric hours before they open the shops. Many of the best deals are only available for a certain number of customers, the first, this means that occur to violence. In 2006 a client of the Best Buy chain was recorded by security cameras assaulting another 9 sellers in California were injured during this Black Friday. In 2008 more than 2,000 people waited outside a Wal-Mart in New York to open it eventually pushed the crowd to break the door, an employee of 34 years was killed when he was caught.
There are many cases of injured and killed as a result of the madness unleashed by cheap shopping, people have even do parodies of this day on TV, as Chapter 244 of South Park (season 17, chapter 7) .

And what about the Black Friday in USA?

The story of Black Friday, also known as Black Friday in USA is short, next November 25, 2016 will be the fifth edition. Other American holidays like Halloween lead among Spanish much longer, but for the Black Friday was impossible to succeed as it was prohibited by law.
Until 2012, sales periods in USA were regulated by law, this means that they had a certain for all dates, large and small businesses. It was a protectionist measure that sought to defend small businesses from large surfaces. Thus the Black Friday was impossible to celebrate the sales were prohibited outside the periods stipulated by law. During the summer of 2012, the Spanish Council of Ministers ends with all regulations regarding price reductions are concerned, leaving traders all responsibility: it is they who will decide.
It creates the ideal setting for a day like Black Friday. The first to remember this day and try to import are the big American companies operating in our country,like Amazon and Apple.
Even with all the law in their favor, the Black Friday is struggling to take hold between the traditional trade in USA. From the Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC) point out several interesting facts, La Rioja is the region of USA where it works best Black Friday, is where most shops are assigned to your program.On the other side of the scale, we find the historical and rich Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, where after the failure of 2014 will not celebrate Black Friday 2016 in the same way.
After Apple and Amazon, main drivers in USA, large domestic and foreign chains they have also jumped on the bandwagon of Black Friday, some of them are: El Corte Ingles, Zara, Media Markt, Phone House, Mango, Fnac ...
Where after issues with very good results are expected to issue Black Friday 2016 is devastating, it is in the online world. The following Monday Black Friday,November 28, is celebrated on Cyber Monday, so companies often extend all the Black Friday weekend, from Friday 25 November until Monday 28 November.
The reception among online users is much more favorable than among traditional buyers. Discounts, offers and discounts enjoyed by buyers are very advantageous and also the products are delivered at home.
Another advantage of buying online is the possibility of lowering prices even more through coupons and promotional codes that offer Rebatly.com.

What shops will participate in Black Friday 2016 USA?

Not being very still known in USA, sometimes the hardest part is knowing what stores will participate during 2016 in the Black Friday USA. Businesses do not usually communicate well in advance whether to participate or not, or what kind of discounts will be offered. This tactic also imported US They intended to generate excitement and surprise potential customers.
To find out which stores will participate in Black Friday 2016, from Rebatly.com we decided to study which participated in previous editions and what discounts and special offers made available to its customers:
Black Friday Shopping
  • Black Friday Apple: Last year we were able to enjoy discounts € to 100 wide range of products, iPhone , MacBook, iPad Air ...
  • Black Friday Media Markt : During the 2014 offered a 50% discount on the entire catalog of CDs and movies on DVD and Blue Ray; and in 2015, they offered up to 60% on all items, including some very aggressive promotions in electronics, but until a few days will not have the brochure dedicated to Black Friday before 2016. It is recalled that the BF Media Markt extend until December.
  • Black Friday Fnac : In 2015 offered a 21% discount on technology, music, film and video games, 16% directly and 5% for members.
  • Amazon Black Friday : Had 50% in some of the most popular American website products. Sometimes bidding until end of stock. Amazon Black Friday only lasts 24 hours.
  • Black Friday Worten : Last year surprised us an outlet opening Apple online discount from 7 to 12%.
  • Mango Black Friday : During Black Friday 2015 offered discounts of up to 30% in some seasonal items.
  • Redcoon.es : Discounts on many technology products, TVs, cameras, sound bars ... for 24 hours.
  • The English Court : In the company the green triangle were discounts on fashion, sports equipment, electronics, textiles, housewares and books that in some cases reached 50%.
  • Sony : On the official website of the Japanese giant saw great deals on laptops, high - end smartphones like the Xperia Z 499 €, smart watchs and so on .
  • Orange : During Black Friday could enjoy 100 € extra on all their plans portability.
  • Zavvi.es : PS4 and Xbox games from 38 €, ideal for gamers.
  • Black Friday PcComponentes : Last year the online store Pc Componentes offered about a hundred articles with discounts of between 10 and 60%. From 00,00h pm on November 27 all new developments in this page will be activated. In addition, on Monday, also they participated in the Cyber Monday with similiar discounts and therefore will do so again this year

Rebatly.com and Black Friday 2016

In Rebatly.com we have prepared to celebrate the fifth edition of Black Friday in USA as it deserves and Spanish.
After the first edition many Internet users realized the potential it had this day: they could save a lot of money and buy that for so long wanted. To support all cyber buyers, Rebatly.com we have devoted all our efforts to improve the shopping experience. For this we offer all discounts and online deals concentrated in one place, from which we can access all products, stores, brands, categories, etc ... we want. Then the day of Black Friday 2016 send an email to all our registered to give them access to the best deals available users.
In addition to searching the best price and the best deal, Rebatly.com also offer coupons and promotional codes with accumulative deals Black Friday so you can lower the price more and enjoy unbeatable deals.
As an extra option, all users who register with our special list for Black Friday Rebatly.com, can share with your friends on Social Networks offers the advantages Rebatly.com.

Relevant data from previous editions

During each edition of Black Friday it has passed in USA, it has been seen how the number of users interested in this campaign has increased considerably.During the first edition in 2012, around 77,370 people were interested in this event. However, you can clearly see how the numbers increased the next year, assuming a total of 313,880 users who showed interest in the Black Friday. In 2014, the numbers increased to reach 637,030 users , almost double that in the previous edition and the growth trend persisted in 2015.
Many will feel curious to know what are the categories in which the Spaniards showed more interest in last year's Black Friday were. The first place went to the electronics , followed by fashion, travel and sports. And if we consider that triumphed electronic devices, smartphones topped the list, closely followed by PlayStation, laptops and TVs and, finally, digital cameras were the least popular. In total, each user an average of € 100 was spent on online purchases during last year's Black Friday, but because the interest and demand significantly increases every year, it is expected that this expenditure also increased during this edition.
If you're a geek technology, the data show below you will be very interesting. 40% of Internet users showed much interest in acquiring the latest models of iPhone. Others opted for the Samsung Galaxy, representing 17% of the total. However, only 8% were interested in the Sony Xperia and 2% by the Motorola Moto G. With respect to game consoles, the PS4 was the most sought against the XBOX.
And what about the Black Friday 2016? In Rebatly.com we prepare many surprises for you to enjoy as never doing your shopping online. You can take advantage of offers and even codes exclusive discount for your favorite stores . All advantages, right? Well , you seem even more surprising power find them all in one place without having to visit other online portals. We are sure that you will not resist the super discounts you will offer during this year's Black Friday.

Tips for Buying on Black Friday 2016

Because we want you to enjoy a unique experience doing your shopping online during Black Friday 2016, from Rebatly.com we'll offer a few tips for you to get the most out of this day. Pay attention and try to carry them out !:
  • Subscribe to page Black Friday 2016 Rebatly.com with your email address and November 25 will receive an email with the best deals and discount coupons.
  • Black Friday plans in advance. Make a list of things you want to buy and the budget you have. It is the most recommended to avoid overspending form.
  • Stay at home enjoying with the whole family and at the same time, making your purchases via the Internet . This way you will avoid the crowds that form in the establishments and not have to wait long queues.
  • You will benefit from exclusive discounts only find online . The stores take advantage of Black Friday to offer their best discounts during this day. Do not you become crazy looking and comparing different online portals offers. In Rebatly.com you find the best discounts of Black Friday 2016 in one place. So quick and easy !.
  • Anticipate holiday shopping. If you are someone who love to surprise people with the best gift, This is your chance! During the Black Friday you can purchase high quality items at bargain prices.

  • If you still have questions about this event, please access: Black Friday FAQ
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